Landscape Design Idea III - Shade Gardens

In the gardening world shade presents both challenges and opportunities. While it's true that most large-bloomed and colorful perennial do best in full or part sun, there are a number of shade tolerant perennials which are prized for their unique foliage and a few for their flowers. Some of the best shade loving perennials include:

  • Coral Bell (Purple Foliage)
  • Japanese Forest Grass (Yellow Foliage)
  • Daylily (Wide Range of Colorful Flowers)
  • Host Hybrids (Wide Range of Foliage Types in Terms of Color and Size)
  • Astlibe (Both Interesting Foliage and Vibrant Flowers)
  • Japanese Painted Fern (Grey/Green and Purple Foliage)
  • Foam Flower (Large Blooms)

This list is not complete and only scratches the surface of potential planting options.

If you need help with an idea for a shade garden, let us know. We're available for consultations.